March 2018

March arrived and was still pretty chilly here in North Georgia. We were all anxiously looking forward to spring and happy to see the grass starting to turn green.

With the chilly days, we were still keeping the wood stove burning most nights. The kiddos enjoyed riding in the cart while daddy was getting a load of firewood.

Our piglets were kept cozy on the chilly days and nights thanks to a heat lamp, deep bedding and their mama. They’re so little and so cute.

I woke up one morning and found Weston snuggled up asleep next to the woodstove. This boy likes to stay cozy and found the warmest spot in the house!

Laura and I bundled up to do chores. John David’s coat fits perfectly when Laura is snuggled up in the baby carrier.

Weston was bundled up too on this cold March morning to help me with chores. We spent several weeks in March trying to figure out which of our hens were laying and which ones needed culled. He was such a big help and I realized how much he knows about chickens – especially the little details about our chickens – their eggs, laying habits and such.

We slaughtered a second pig on March 14 thanks to the cold nights. This second pig was smaller than the first so it was an easier job. We made a lot of sausage.

We had our first double yolk egg laid here on the homestead!

Cecilia turned 4 years old on the 20th – the first day of spring. She wanted princess everything for her birthday – she had two princess cakes (one from her nana and one that I made) and received a new dress, gloves, shoes and even a crown. She was delighted!

On March 29th, we received our batch of broiler chicks. We started out with 50 and lost a couple within the first few days. It’s fun watching the baby chicks!

Now that spring is here and it’s finally starting to warm up, we’re excited about starting to garden!

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