Goals for 2019

We’ve set a few goals for our homestead in 2019. Most of them are fairly simple goals to help keep us on track as we go about tackling projects for the year and a few of them are lofty, exciting goals.

  1. Improve pastures and garden soils
    • Cover crops
    • Manures
  2. Produce more of our own food
    • Garden expansion and cool weather crops
    • Can 150 jars (tomatoes, pickles, green beans, corn, etc.)
  3. Secure animals
    • Perimeter fencing
  4. Plant perennials
    • Invest in new trees and bushes
  5. Add new animals
    • Rabbits and turkeys
  6. Pay $10,000 towards the principal of our mortgage*
    • Attempt to make profits on some of our products

*Our mortgage goal is a combination of a personal goal and a homestead goal because our mortgage is both for our home and our land. This $10,000 goal will (hopefully) be reached by a combination of our personal income, tax return, any extra money we may make from odd jobs/selling things as well as any profits we may make from the homestead. We would love to begin to make some money off our our agricultural endeavors to help pay down our mortgage.

Our goals for 2019 have us excited about what the year holds and the learning and improvements that will happen here at Arrow Hill Homestead.


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