August 2019

August is a month I used to dread because it signaled back to school for so many years but now it’s a month I adore. The vegetables and the flowers are abundant and the days are long and full of summer charm. While we typically start our homeschool back in August, it’s often later in the month when we do and it doesn’t change too much of our routine – we just add in a few hours for lessons and reading.

We found this crazy beautiful zinnia in our front flower bed – it’s a zinnia within a zinnia.

I spent hours and hours in the kitchen canning – mostly green beans and tomatoes.

Filling up the pantry. Such fun to watch these shelves fill up with produce that we grew and preserved here on the homestead.

We didn’t take any kind of summer trip (and have no plans for any big trips this calendar year) so we have planned a few day trips for the next few months. Mid-August, we went to Red Top Mountain State Park for hiking, picnicking, swimming and playing in the sand. We had a lovely day together!

Love this sweet sleeping girl curled up with her babies.

We started our school year on August 28th. Paxton is in 4th grade, Weston is in 2nd grade, Cecilia is a Kindergartener and Laura is in Tot School (which means reading lots of good books!)

Weston and Laura wearing their crowns made from weeds.

August 29th was an exciting day – we starting ripping out carpet in the living room and master bedroom. We are going to be laying down hardwood floors. The carpet was in excellent condition – we just prefer hardwoods with dogs, toddlers and farm life. Since it was in such great condition, I posted it on Marketplace for FREE and someone wanted it! So great to give something away and keep it out of the landfill.

Our boys were very helpful with ripping up the old carpet.

Daddy having a breakfast date with his two girls.

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