April 2020

April means it’s time to start planting!! Cecilia was my little gardening helper!

The local school system has been providing free ‘school lunches’ for pickup at various schools in the county. The drop point school in our area is less than 5 minutes away so we’ve picked up lunch a few times. It’s a big treat for our kids since we rarely eat out and don’t purchase packaged/convenience foods. We enjoy eating our lunches outside on our picnic table.

I stopped in one of our local thrift stores and was able to snag a bread machine for $2.50!! It was priced at $5 but everything was half off. Worth every penny!

Our family on Easter Sunday. 

Cecilia has been loving wearing her ‘prairie dress’. I adore this shot John David got of her and Buttercup with Copper and the chicken coop in the background. 

Paxton turned 10 this month!! 

One of his gifts was this little kayak. They boys have been loving it in the pond and the pool!

Cutie pie Laura. She’s such a little ray of sunshine!!

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