October 2020

October was baby month!!! The countdown was on. My due date was October 11th but my last three babies were born 9 days, 11 days and 9 days early so I thought it was likely that the baby would be born at the beginning of the month. We were all nesting. Almost everyday Laura wanted to look at baby clothes!

We had all of our newborn neutral clothes in the dresser but I had 2 boxes of baby clothes we’d thrifted – one box of boy things and another box of girl things that the girls loved looking through – especially the baby girl things!!

The kids and John David spent time in late September and early October helping friends chop silage. While the kids were in the fields, they ‘salvaged’ ears of corn. They borrowed a corn sheller from them and had a shelling operation going on! It was fun watching their work/play.

The week before baby’s due date, John David and his dad were in the hay field! I drove the truck two days and we were hoping during that time that baby would wait!

October 11 – 40 weeks! This was the very first time I have ever reached my due date – there’s a first time for everything.

He’s here! Our son Haddon arrived on October 14th! Birth story to come!!!

So thankful for this new baby and all FIVE of our children!!

Soaking up some sunshine and newborn cuddles on the beautiful October days!

Everyone is completely in love with this sweet baby. 

Haddon’s first walk around the homestead.

There was a recent trend on social media of “how it started and how it’s going”. This picture of Laura and her daddy popped up on my memories and they just so happened to be dressed alike that day so I couldn’t resist this little comparison. This girl has been a daddy’s girl since day one. 

Aunt Jill made Haddon an Arrow Hill bodysuit.

He’s so little.

Cecilia is loving having a baby in the house. She loved wearing him.

Happy Halloween from our crew. There were no celebrations of parties attended due to the realities of life in 2020 but they still dressed up and had fun! Paxton was Percy Jackson, Weston a football player, Cecilia was Moana, Laura was Cinderella and Haddon was the sweetest baby in the entire world.

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