October 2018

October found us on the go most weekday evenings with football. Between practices and games, there was little time in the evenings for anything but football.

The boys enjoy football and while my introvert self who loves to be home in the evenings, I can manage a busy football season because I know it just a few weeks in the grand scheme of things.

It was such fun watching them play on the same team and watch them on the sidelines find each other and congratulate and celebrate!

Baby pigs enjoying the sunshine.

We decided last minute to enter a few things into the fair. Cecilia and Paxton baked biscuits – I oversaw the process and helped Cecilia with measuring but they did all of the mixing and cutting their biscuits on their own. Cecilia also baked Chocolate Cookies.

While we were baking biscuits early in the morning to enter, Weston was outside in the garden cutting flowers to make a flower arrangement.

Paxton with his biscuits in their display case at drop off.

Cecilia with her yummy cookies and biscuits.

Weston’s lovely flower arrangement. He did all of this by himself and I was so proud of his arrangement – maybe he can add selling flower arrangements to his little farm business!

The boys team won the championship for their 7/8 football league since they only had 1 loss this season. They also were invited to a bowl game against the 7/8 city league champions. We lost the game and that was tough but they were proud of their medals.

Weston enjoys old fashioned things just like his mama. We ordered some wicks to use up some beeswax that I’ve had for a while and made beeswax candles. It was a fun process.

Our lovely beeswax candles.

It finally started cooling off around mid-October and we started burning fires in the evenings.

We went to the fair one evening to see the results of their kids entries. Weston placed 2nd with his floral arrangement.

Paxton’s biscuits earned him a blue ribbon!

And, Cecilia’s biscuits and cookies both won blue ribbons. They were excited!

We enjoyed walking around the fair, looking at exhibits and animals and watching a couple shows.

I love this picture John David snapped one morning. I try my best to get up early in the mornings before the kids awake to have a quiet start to my day with prayer, Bible reading and reading a parenting book. Copper often joins me.

This one is too cute not to share – Laura is the best little eater. She apparently really loved dinner this night!

We brought Weston’s Schleich farm animals and barn downstairs and Laura enjoyed farming. This little barn was built by John David and painted by me as a 2nd birthday gift for Weston.

The larger pigs aren’t currently in the woods so we spend some time one afternoon picking up acorns in the woods to feed them – we think they appreciated the snack.

While we keep Halloween simple, the kids do enjoy dressing up and attending a Trunk or Treat at a local church. This year I told them we were dressing up using only what we already had – trying to keep the holiday eco-friendly and frugal!

The did an excellent job. Paxton’s falcon jersey, football pants and cleats make a fabulous football player. Weston pulled out his camo and blaze orange vest to be a hunter, Cecilia wore her favorite princess dress and I coupled a sweet little corduroy dress and owl hat that was handed down from Cecilia for Laura to be a baby owl.

I love their excitement for dressing up and having fun!

The prettiest little princess and sweetest baby owl I ever did see!


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