February 2019

Once February arrived, we started working on a big fencing project. When we moved here in 2017, we talked about perimeter fencing our property for security – to keep predators out and to keep our animals in. Even if they get out of their electric fencing, they will still be contained within our property.

We set aside the money and John David has been planning and researching the best fencing materials. We finally got started and have made quite a bit of progress this month thanks to some nice days.

My big project for February was wood chipping around our pool. We have trees and bushes planted there and I spent most of my outside time laying down cardboard or newspaper and wood chipping.

On February 5th, we welcomed a new puppy to the family! Meet Steel, a Blue Merle Aussie.

While it may seem crazy to add another dog to the family, we’ve been talking about adding a second dog as a companion for our Aussie, Copper, for over two years now.

Steel is being cared for mainly by Weston who is doing a great job feeding her, taking her out and cleaning up accidents. He’s proving that he is indeed capable of owning a dog of his own.

Sweet Steel. She was 11 weeks old when we got her so she was already crate trained and the house breaking process had begun already. She’s been pretty easy as far as puppies go.

All of the kids are enjoying the new dog.

Just hanging out in our command center (the kitchen/dining room). The white board behind these two helps us keep up with our monthly goals and to-do’s here on the homestead.

Our two Aussies. Copper has done very well having an energetic puppy in the house.

The fence is really coming along and looking great. The long stretch up the road is completed and looks great.

Another view of the fence up the road. John David and his dad, David, have done an excellent job constructing this fence.

Chilly February mornings are best spent in the living room in front of the wood stove. This particular morning, the kids were playing church and Paxton was reading to them from the Bible. Love these moments.

My big ‘inside’ project this month was finishing our FFA t-shirt quilt/blanket. For a couple of years I have wanted to take our old FFA shirts and turn them into a quilt instead of just hoarding them in a box that takes up space in our attic. Several months ago, I laid them all out and cut out the squares and this month I finally made the time to sew it all together.

It’s far from perfect and professional but it cost very little. The backing and binding is from a queen size flannel sheet I found at a local thrift store. We’ve all enjoyed snuggling with this blanket and I love all the memories these t-shirts bring back.

It’s feeding time. The sheep are up in the barn for the winter and enjoying their hay.

Now that the days are getting longer and a bit warmer, we’re getting more eggs. The kids are enjoying checking for eggs each day.

Laura loves the tractor. While daddy and papaw work on the fence, she has been hanging out in the tractor. We found her like this one evening. Hard work makes a little gal tired.

We’re looking forward to longer days, the official beginning of spring and starting seeds next month!


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