May 2019

May was a full month of working in the garden, beginning to reap some harvests, caring for our broilers and butchering chickens.

May 2nd marked our second anniversary of living here! It’s hard to believe we’ve called this place home for 2 years now.

All of my children love being in the kitchen with me. I have intentionally taught them their way around the kitchen and how to prepare certain foods. I enjoy seeing their creations.

Paxton is quite the cook. He prepared this meal for his daddy – he boiled the egg, made the scrambled eggs which he topped with salsa and prepared the coffee as well. Notice his cilantro garnish – quite the touch for a beautiful and delicious breakfast.

I did a little soap making experimenting with activated charcoal. I just love how these basic lye soaps turned out – I especially like the charcoal swirl – so pretty!

The lower garden as it looked May 2nd.

The strawberries started coming in early May and all 4 children made it a daily habit to check the strawberry patch – they kept them picked clean!

We found a snake shed. Such a fun and scientific find!

Lettuce in the upper garden!

Laura enjoying an early morning strawberry when she went out to do chores with daddy.

All of the sheep enjoying the green grass.

Weston has found multiple toads already this summer – he’s quite the toad hunter/catcher.

Love this beautiful green view from looking out on the back pasture.

Happy Mother’s Day – I love being a mama to these 4 and like getting a decent picture taken with all my kiddos.

Laura turned 2 May 12th. We had a little party with family and she had such a fun time opening her presents. She received several gifts that are just perfect for our little farm girl – new barn boots, small garden tools and a little wagon.

First lavender cutting. So beautiful and fragrant.

Big lettuce harvest on May 14th.

Sweet little Laura. Love this baby girl, she is such a joy to us all.

Lower garden on May 24th. Green beans are growing – looking forward to our first harvest.

Our two tractors of broilers. We raised about 60 broilers this spring.

May 31st was butchering day for our family. We butchered all of our chickens together – just 4 of us – both boys were huge helpers in the process.


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