June 2019

June was a full month – family visiting, gardening, canning, swimming, blueberry picking, Bible school and more!

My parents visited at the beginning of the month and we enjoyed a little day trip to Fort Mountain State Park. We enjoyed hiking and a picnic lunch with them.

Watermelon jelly – this is one of our family favorites – it’s so good and we loving cracking open a jar in the fall/winter for a little taste of summertime.

First little green bean harvest on June 6th.

And a bigger harvest on June 12 – time for canning!

There’s a new baby cousin in the family! On June 13th, John David’s sister welcomed her baby. He’s their very first, first cousin on their daddy’s side of the family. They were all quite smitten.

The upper garden on June 14th.

The lower garden on June 14th.

Snapping green beans with my helpers.

The first two batches (14 quarts) of green beans for 2019!

Even my littlest love enjoys helping with the green beans.

Weston is helping me cut up banana peppers to ferment.

Love these beautiful gladiolus. They’re such beautiful flowers and that shade of orange is just amazing.

Cecilia helping me make lip balm.

Blueberry picking at a local blueberry farm. Yum.

Love this man. Love that he mostly enjoys picking berries with me.

Someone enjoyed the fresh berries.

And so did this gal.

Canned blueberries and jam.

We started getting more summer veggies on June 21.

Cecilia helping me get the green beans ready to go in the canner.

The pond as it looked June 23rd.

We have been talking about adding a dairy cow to the homestead so we decided to give dairy goats a shot for a bit before committing to a cow. We purchased 3 dairy goats, two which were in milk. They are all sweet goats and fairly easy to milk. The boys even enjoyed helping with the milking.

Tomatoes started coming in on June 30 – a very happy day for this gardener!!



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