June 2020

Cecilia got a haircut!


Weston found this young cardinal.

Pulled out newborn things – I didn’t keep everything from Laura but I did keep most of our newborn neutral items. So excited to pull these things out and think about the sweet baby who will be wearing them soon!

I love  summer time and the beautiful fresh cut flowers that I get to enjoy at my kitchen sink. 

Weston found another bird. 

23 weeks.

Some of our beautiful homestead products. Soap, kale and lavender.

Our lower garden. It’s not perfect but it’s green, producing and is beautiful to me!

Love this beautiful dill plant!

We had our anatomy scan on June 25th. Baby is growing perfectly and everything looked great. So thankful for a healthy baby. 

Paxton’s cabbage that he grew in his little garden. 

I tidied up the school cabinet and this corner was clean! I love this view.

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