March 2021

March – my favorite month of the year! March 4th is my birthday, Cecilia’s birthday, daffodil season and the first day of spring! We begin doing a lot more work outside to start prepping for the gardening season and we just spend a lot of time outside since March days are typically lovely. 

How does one fall asleep like this? I don’t know but it sure is funny!

New garden shed in progress! John David salvaged wood from our play set and a little bit of other wood we had around, salvaged metal from a friend and purchased salvage rafter for the roof. Total cost was about $80 for this shed. 

Five months. 

Evening chores with mama. 

Daffodils. My favorite flower. Weston knows I adore them and he enjoys picking me bouquets as long as they’re in bloom!

Cecilia turned 7 on March 20th! Oh, how we love this girl of ours.

She wanted a lemon cake so I made a lemon pound cake with a lemon glaze and topped it with dum dums! Such a fun looking cake!

John David went out of town one weekend. So, when the cats away the mice will play or in this case when the farmer is away all the animals decide it’s the perfect time to get out of their fences. Buttercup enjoyed selective grazing. 

And the little piggies did too!


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