February 2021

We started February with a light, light, light dusting of snow but it was just enough for us southerners to ooh and ahh over (and hope for more!)

Sweet kiddos eating breakfast at the play table. The girls were feeding their babies. 

Howe we’re currently getting our lessons done. Haddon is content if held!This is what our table looks like by noon every day. A happy mess!

Pioneer girl Cecilia with her rag doll made by her great grandma. 


4 months old.

My new shelving in our little pantry! John David salvaged this wood and made a few shelves in the back of the pantry to maximize the use of the space. 

Sourdough sandwich bread rising. 

And baked. So good!

Paxton’s romper says “Rise and Shine It’s Farmin’ Time”. We were gifted this romper and it’s one of my very favorites!

Nothing spectacular but the fog on the mountain was lovely this morning. So thankful for our little mountain view here!

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