May 2021

Here are some of the highlights of May 2021 here on Arrow Hill Homestead.

We have been working on creating a “play island” on the circle area in our driveway. We already had the fire pit and large swing in the tree but this month we got a new (to us) swing set up for the kids. So far, everyone is loving having the swing set!

Sweet little diaper laundry helper.

Laura turned 4 on May 12th! Here she is enjoying some of her birthday gifts – a new ‘look and found’ book (she adores these books currently), play dough and new shoes made her one happy birthday girl!

Weston helped out in the hay field by driving the tractor.

Laura even helped – she may be little but she’s strong enough to flip bales to move them!


We have a variety of soaps for sale:

lye, lye + oats

activated charcoal

coffee bean

pumpkin spice



 Soaps are $3/bar or 4 bars for $10

We also have 2 sizes of lavender salve

$5 for 1 oz or $7 for 1.5 oz

*All of these soaps are made from lard rendered from pastured pork.

*Salves contain lavender infused coconut oil and beeswax.

*LOCALS message us to place an order/arrange a time to shop here at the homestead!


Haddon was 7 months old on the 14th. He’s pulling up and starting to get curious. I did the final wood stove ash clean out¬† and he quickly found the ash bucket and had a little bit of fun. I’m amazed that he’s *only* 7 months old and already acting more like a toddler than an infant!

First lettuce harvest on May 19th.

My new fenced in garden. We’ve worked on this new garden spot in our free moments for about 2 months now. We put down cardboard, soil in the beds, wood chips in the rows and John David has fenced it in and built a new little garden shed out of salvaged materials. I’m loving how close it is to the house and foresee lots of time spent in this space.

Ready for a day full of farming.

Our Kune Kune sow had a small litter of piglets on the 22nd. They’re adorable.

We celebrated 15 years on the 27th. Thankful for these years we’ve spent together, this family and lifestyle we’ve created together. And, John David also celebrated a birthday on May 31st! May is a fun month for our family.

This picture of Laura sleeping seems like an appropriate ending to a blog post. May was full and fun and we’re looking forward to summertime!

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