June 2021

June is one of my favorite months of the year. Our days are carefree with no school, lots of free time, swimming, spending time with friends, Bible school and beginning to get goodies from the garden.

The garden on June 11. Things are growing and everything is green and beautiful.

Haddon was 8 months on the 14th. These months are flying by and he’s growing so quickly but what a joy this baby boy is to our family.

We went blueberry picking! All together we picked 4 gallons – we ate a bunch, froze several bags and dehydrated a quart jar worth of berries.

We have turkeys here on Arrow Hill Homestead. We put them out on pasture on June 19th.

This picture is my favorite to acknowledge Father’s Day. My children have a wonderful father who loves them and teaches them. Here he is teaching the boys how to change oil. Laura is right there with them learning too!

This is how I’m getting things done inside and outside these day. Thankful for this baby carrier – I’ve been using this one forĀ  9 years and 4 babies now.

We’re experimenting with water glassing eggs this year. I filled up 2 gallon jars with our abundant June eggs. Hoping these will help us through the lean months in late fall/early winter when the chickens nearly stop laying.

Our first big garden harvest of the year was on June 25th. It’s still fun to go “grocery shopping” in our yard!

The big kids have been foraging blackberries here and on their grandparents property. They gathered enough to make a couple blackberry cobblers this summer.

We’re looking forward to what July brings – hopefully lots more garden harvests and canning!!

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