July 2021

It’s tomato time! Now that it’s July the tomatoes are really taking off. This year I am growing these adorable Spoon Tomatoes – they’re cute and tiny – pictured here with regular Cherry Tomatoes for a size comparison.

Happy 4th of July!!

Weston grew beets in his garden bed this year and he had a decent little harvest – enough for pickled beets!

He ended up with 4 quarts and 1 pint of pickled beets and they are delicious – we opened the pint jar after a few days.

Green bean harvest. My plan was to only plant in my new garden this summer but the lower garden tempted me a bit and I ended up planting corn and green beans down there. The cows got into the corn and enjoyed it and the weeds went crazy but I managed to get a decent little green bean harvest – enough to can 7 quarts and still have some for fresh eating!

In late June my grandmother passed away and we traveled to Virginia in July for her funeral and to spend time with family. Our family is standing on the front porch of my grandparents home. So many wonderful memories were made in this beautiful house. It’s still surreal to think that both my grandpa and grandmother have passed away and that their home will soon be sold.

While we were in Virginia, Haddon turned 9 months old.

Weston has been finding all kinds of bugs on the homestead all summer. It’s always fun to see what he finds! This one is a katydid.

I went out at sundown one evening to harvest tomatoes and Laura came out dressed in her jammies and boots to help me. She picked tomatoes and carried in a heavy bucket. She’s such a sweet little helper and a hard worker.

Matching with my girlies!!

Cecilia picked this lovely flower and wanted to take my picture. I spend quite a bit of time snuggling this sweet little love and I’m thankful she chose to capture this moment.

On the 23rd, Lady, our goat had 2 kids!! So exciting!! She had a boy and a girl and they’re beyond adorable.

Here’s Laura with the little girl!

The next day, July 24th, Buttercup had her calf. She had a heifer and we are all so excited to have a girl!!! Laura wanted to name her Lollipop and we’re going to call her Lolly.

The back of the homestead. So thankful for this little piece of property.

Goodbye July!


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